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Band:Fuzion Mas for St. Lucia Carnival  

Designed by: Love De Carnival 

Photographed by:  Hugh Morris Photography


You smell it, you taste it, you see it? But is it really there? What is this thing that you see that has you believing? What is this that you have tasted that has you craving for more and more? What is that scent? You reach out for it but it is not the same. You panic, you become fearful. Things aren’t as you perceived. You try to catch the butterfly with its pretty colours but only the dust remains in your hands and that too turns to brown as all the colours get muddled. It’s an illusion. A fantasy of the way you would like things to be instead of how they are. Take a moment my child, listen, watch the butterfly as it floats. Stop chasing illusions take a chance and create your own reality.

Male: Starting at $450USD– picture coming soon! 

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